Golden Egg Golden Egg

Natural water purification Golden Egg 
  • 100% ECO Safe Certified by EPA
  • United States Environmental Protection Agency Safe and Effective for Water Purification 
  • Safer than bottled water.
  • Simple instructions to achieve totally pure water that is bacteria and virus free.
  • Reusable and portable.

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Aqua Life International Aqua Life International

No more water bottles! NEVER run out of drinking water. These machines make water from the air we breathe, and they filter and purify it. These State-of-the-art machines incorporate the latest and most sophisticated technology available. They are available in various sizes and can be custom made to meet any need where drinking water is not available. Health models that make alkaline water are also available.
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New Living Water New Living Water

The new LivingWater® by Vollara™ contains revolutionary patented technology. It uses exclusive Direct Disk Ionization Technology, smart technology for a smart price. Welcome to the next generation water ionizer for a healthy body, a healthy home and a healthy life.

“Not all water is created equal”. Drinking enough water isn’t really enough. You have to drink the right kind of water - water that will help buffer acid, help remove toxins, and is easily absorbed by your body. You need great tasting water with antioxidant properties and proper pH levels. 

Having a Living Water is like owning a limitless supply of alkaline ionized healthy water. You get pH-balancing healthy alkaline water for drinking and cooking, strong alkaline water for washing vegetables, and acid water for cleaning.

Purchasing Info - 814.397.7797

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